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What Makes a Little League Baseball World Series Coach

December 31, 2018

When it comes to high-caliber little league sports teams, we're unified in imagining drill sergeant coaches and frightened, yet talented kids. 

It's true that high levels of discipline can yield great results when it comes to sports, but what separates a good coach from a great one? It can't help to have kids terrified of their coach, dreading the day they have to go to practice and run sprints. 

In fact, the results show that there might be a better, more positive approach to coaching children. So, what does it take to get to the Little League Baseball World Series?

How to Get to the Little League Baseball World Series

We'll go over a few ideas to practice when you're approaching next season. You might be surprised to find that great coaches don't do exactly what you'd expect. 

1. Remember What You're Doing

Keep in mind that you aren't coaching soldiers or professional athletes. You're coaching kids. Sure, their parents put a lot of pressure on them because they have exceptional abilities, but skills don't translate to emotional development

Children need positive reinforcement and role-models that show them how it's done. That means they need someone to show them how to enjoy the game, not dread it. Kids are sensitive, and while it may seem like they're goofing off, they take note when they're scolded or embarrassed in front of the team. 

Those negative experience lead to kids that don't want to keep playing the sport, and they're sure not going to play to their full potential if you're breathing down their necks. 

2. Get Everyone Repetitions

It seems like a no-brainer, but fundamentals will always be key. Make sure to get the entire team a healthy amount of practice reps at their respective positions. Have them go over and over on the little things that they will experience during a game. 

It's better to have a team that can consistently perform what they need to instead of one that is really fancy when they go around the horn after a strikeout. Further, you should praise your team for doing well on the little things. 

After a certain point, most coaches take fundamental improvements for granted. Make sure you recognize when a player improves even the slightest because if they know you're watching, they'll want to continue to impress you. 

3. Generate Good Will Among Your Team

You need your team to work together and have a vested interest in making each other happy. This can be difficult, seeing as you're coaching elementary school students. 

Ultimately, these are kids who want to go out to the ballpark with their friends and have fun. That fun is ruined when there are rifts between players, fights, and disputes. Make sure to clear up any interpersonal issues as they arise. 

You should also take time to host activities outside of practice and games. Get everyone together, get everyone's parents together, and make sure that everyone feels appreciated. Tournaments and traveling games are great opportunities to host those events. 

That's the way to creating a great team. 

On Your Way to the Series?

Making it to the Little League Baseball World Series is a huge deal. It means that you and your team have pulled it together and are in for the experience of a lifetime. 

If you're in need any tips for when you get to Cooperstown, memorabilia to collect, or advice coaching, visit our site to learn more.