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Add Some Wow To Your Pins

Cooperstown is a special place, so lots of teams pull out all the stops when it comes to their pins. If you want your team to have the ultimate pin for your Cooperstown trip, then adding extras is the sure-fire way to achieve that.

Some, such as blinking lights are a sure fire way to make your pin one of the coveted ‘3:1’s, meaning that your team pins are so popular at tournaments that other players will trade three of their pins for one of yours. Make sure you mention if you’re interested in trading pin extras when you send us your quote form.


Crystals add sparkle and texture and come in a huge choice of colors and sizes. They look brilliant as the eyes of your mascot or at the end of a baseball bat. Crystals are just 10 cents per crystal per pin.


Go glitzy for your Cooperstown visit – one of the cheapest ways to make a pin more tradable. Glitter costs just 15 cents per pin per color.

Glow In The Dark

Adding glow-in-the-dark enamel highlights makes your pin really different and is always a hit when trading starts. It costs just 15 cents per color, per pin. Available in a small range of colors, our designers will suggest creative ways to make it work with your design.


Danglers are a small secondary pin attached to the main pin by a small chain, to add interest and movements. A great way to add a year they also increase the overall size of your pin which also makes it more desirable for trades. Danglers are as low as 65 cents per pin depending on size and qty.


Turn your pin 3D by adding this highly sought after extra. A spinner is like a second pin attached the first which turns round and round. Great to add the date or the word ‘Cooperstown’. Spinners cost from 65 cents per pin depending on size and qty.


A really cool 3D extra that’s a big favourite at Cooperstown trading sessions. A small second pin is attached to a channel in the main pin that lets it slide up and down or side to side. Sliders start at just 65 cents per pin depending on size and qty.


A tiny battery-powered light flashes on and off and looks amazing. You can’t miss it, especially at night, which is why this is probably the most popular and highly sought-after of all pins. Great for mascot eyes. Blinkers cost just $1.25 for one light and $1.99 for two per pin.

Bobble Heads

Hugely sought-after for trading, the ‘bobble’ is attached by a spring to the main pin so they bob around as you move about. Please note that we recommend Bobbles for older players as they are less durable than sliders and spinners. Bobbles cost just 85 cents per pin.