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Cooperstown Parents Guide


As a parent of a child visiting Cooperstown, NY for baseball tournaments it is best to be well prepared when you get here. While Cooperstown is a die-hard baseball town there are many other activities to pursue and sights to see. While it can be fun to do things on the fly preparing for your trip in advance is highly recommended. This parents guide to Cooperstown will help you with those preparations. In this guide we will go over the arrangements you should make before getting to town and the places to visit when you make it there. We will also go over what you should pack before coming to town. If you follow this handy guide you should be able to minimize or eliminate any potential travel related issues while at the same time maximizing your fun in Cooperstown.

Why Cooperstown?

Cooperstown, New York is the epicenter of baseball. Our great national pastime began here on a sunny day in 1839 at the still operational Doubleday Field and the people of Cooperstown continue that proud tradition to this day. While baseball began here and the town is steeped in the history of the American game we are also on the forefront of baseball innovation. The Cooperstown Dream baseball tournaments host some of the best little league players in the world and offer up the chance for once in a lifetime baseball training and experience. Here at Cooperstown Dreams Park your player will have the chance to grow alongside their peers while being taught and mentored by some of the best and brightest bodies and minds in the game today.

The town itself is a mecca for baseball enthusiasts young and old. We have the National Baseball Hall of Fame which is one of the best collections of baseball memorabilia in the country and remains an important repository for baseball knowledge and record keeping. The town itself has numerous other baseball related attractions such as the Baseball Wax Museum and the birthplace of baseball. Simply put, baseball is imprinted into Cooperstown’s DNA. While your camper is learning how to be the best baseball player they can be you should