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Traveling With Kids: 5 Tips for Parents and Coaches of Young Athletes

October 13, 2018
Happy family with suitcases in the airport

Roughly 2.8 million kids play little league baseball worldwide during any given season. In addition to those 2.8 million players, countless more parents and fans follow little league and celebrate the incredible value it brings to children as a teacher of baseball and life skills.

If you and your family are among those that participate in and love little league baseball, you may be considering traveling to the little league world series this year.

First off, congratulations! Being able to attend the little league world series in-person is an incredibly invigorating experience that will supply countless memories.

Second, be prepared. Traveling with kids long distances, particularly on planes can be challenging.

To make your traveling with kids experience easier, below are 5 powerful tips!

1. Fly as Early as You Possibly Can

If you're worried about your kids being too energized on a plane and disturbing other passengers, ditch the late night flight and book one as early in the morning as possible.

Earlier flights are typically less crowded and kids will sleep through them.

2. Give your Kids the Window Seat

Keeping kids out of the aisle seats is important for a few reasons. For starters, if you doze off during a long flight, your kids can't escape into the plane. Next, when snack carts come around, you don't have to worry about your kids getting their hands hurt by the passing cart or hot beverages getting spilled on them.

Alternatively, you can seat your child in between you and your partner in the center seat if you're traveling with another adult companion.

3. Discuss Your Expectations Before the Flight

If your kids are new to flying, have an honest discussion with them about what they'll experience on a plane and what your expectations are.

Let them know that you need them to behave on the airplane more so than in any other setting given that there's no pulling over or taking a break. Offer them incentives and let them know what the consequences will be if your expectations are violated.

4. Prepare for Changing Temperatures

When flying, the temperatures inside of the airplane cabin can fluctuate wildly. That reality often leads to uncomfortable situations for kids.

To make adjusting to the cabin's hot and cold flashes as simple as possible, ditch complicated layers that have buttons, zippers, or laces.

Instead, opt for pullover sweaters or other layered clothing your child can easily slip in and out of in a confined space.

5. Keep Your Cool

At the end of the day, all you can do when your child is getting out of control is try your best to reel them back in. If another passenger tries to engage you in a negative fashion, let them know you're trying your best and beyond that, don't engage them.

You never know who you're dealing with when talking to irate passengers so escalating the argument is a big no-no.

If you feel uncomfortable, call your flight attendant.

Wrapping Up Traveling With Kids: Tips on Traveling with Athletes and Little League Fans

Whether you're traveling with kids to the little league world series or anywhere else, long trips can be challenging. To reduce the issues you face, leverage our tips above and start traveling with confidence!

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