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Going for the Gold: 4 Powerful Training Tips for Little League Baseball Players

March 20, 2019

Did you know that the number of baseball participants in the United States is increasing?

After all, there are about 15.6 million people playing baseball in the country. The age of these players ranges from six and up. Despite the popularity of sports like MMA fighting and American football, baseball is still one of the most popular activities for kids.

If you want your child to become part of the Little League Baseball, you need to try these training tips. Help them stand out from the crowd.

You can use these alongside the usual warm-up exercises like squats. This allows your child to develop the body needed to play baseball.

1. The Bucket Drill

A lot of younger players have difficulty learning how to handle a ground ball in a proper manner. It needs a lot of patience and focus. Children aren’t known for both, meaning you need to teach it to them early on.

The Bucket drill works by placing a work bucket on the second base. Have the kids line up at the shortstop and to the right of the second base. Start hitting grounders to each kid, making them field it while running it over to the bucket then change lines.

2. The Pop Fly Drill

A lot of children often have this aversion against catching a baseball. Most do this out of instinct due to how hard a baseball is when it hits their head. To teach your kids to shake off the fear of approaching balls, use tennis balls instead since it’s soft.

Tennis balls do more than removing the risk of injury—it helps your kids learn hand to eye coordination. Baseballs often settle into the glove by design. Tennis balls fall out if you don’t grab it at an opportune time—making it easier for them to catch the balls in time.

3. The Squash the Bug Drill

When determining skill, some studies use a set-point theory, meaning players have a certain talent range when they’re born. But they get to the top using hard work and practice. That means people have the talent to make it, but still need to develop skills to become a superstar.

Teaching bat swinging to a kid is often hard and frustrating. While most coaches use creative methods, nothing can make a kid more adept in swinging than practicing it. A good guide is to teach kids how to plant their feet properly, like how they squash a bug.

4. Double Relay Throws

There are times your kid will need to use a double relay. It’s especially important for the first and third baseman. They need to get involved as the second relay in these situations.

Do this drill a few times without runners. Once the team gets the hang of it, get runners and play it live. Make sure that the players move around in different positions to make them more versatile.

Use These Training Tips Today!

If you want to get the best baseball drills around, use these training tips for a more holistic approach. You can’t go wrong using these to sharpen your little ones’ skills for the Little League.

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