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How to Design the Perfect Pin!

Each year teams, parents and coaches struggle with how to design the perfect pin for their season. This year, we’ve come up with a few clever tips to help guide you along the path to getting the perfect pin for your team.

1. Getting the best pin for your budget:

When you are starting your pin designs, make sure you figure out what you can afford and be sure you let your customer service representative know before any artwork is done. If you can only afford to do a 1.5″ pin with no upgrades, and you ask them to design something that is 2.25″ and has 2 to 3 upgrades, you’re going to have a very unhappy design team and a very disappointed customer service representative.

2. Supply as MUCH Information as Possible:

Your customer service representative should be very knowledgeable about all of the pins that they are capable of providing within your time limit. What they aren’t knowledgeable about is exactly what you’re wanting. The following is a list of items that you will want to disclose to your customer service rep.

1. Time Frame (when you need the pins) 2. Budget 3. Team Name 4. Team Colors 5. Logo (if you have one, send it to them) 6. What color metal you prefer 7. Team Age Group 8. If you would like to include the year 9. If you are using these for a tournament (Cooperstown, Little League, Pony League, etc.) 10. If you saw another pin that you like, send photos of it. It never hurts to give too much info. 11. If you want to add individual names or numbers to your pins, this is something you can discuss with your customer service rep. 12. If you want to add upgrades such as glitter paint, glow paint, bobbles, sliders, spinners, dangles, lights or crystals… these are all beautiful upgrades to your pins that will increase the value, but will also increase the base price of your pins. Talk to your customer service rep. for information on these items.

3. Let the Design Team do Their Thing!:

Generally it takes 24 to 48 hours to return a proof to you based upon your designs. Please account for this time when ordering your pins as well. If you want a high quality, custom design… let the designers do their job and I promise you won’t be disappointed.

4. Give Feedback:

If you receive your proof(s) and would like to see changes… let your customer service representative know asap, so that you can get a proof back faster. If you are under a time crunch, this is absolutely imperative that you get back with them asap, otherwise you may miss your deadline. You should receive changes to your pin within 24 hours of your requested changes. Also, be sure to give them ALL the changes at ONE time. The constant changing and multiple emails will often confuse folks and cause for major delays in your design being completed on time.

5. Approve Your Final Design:

Once you are 100% happy with the outcome of your design then ask to submit your final approval.

We hope that we have provided you with some great information an getting the perfect pin for your team. If you have any questions or comments about our blog post, please feel free to leave a comment or contact us via email today!

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