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Parents Resources

June 23, 2015

Baseball season and summer are off to a wild start. Here in the Midwest we have had temperatures all over the place, rain every other day, and some brutal storms rolling through. We have employees located all over the USA and each day someone is letting us know that a storm is rolling through and the power may go out.

We hope wherever you are you are staying safe and dry and that your children are able to play in their favorite sport, baseball.

We know traveling to Cooperstown can involve many moving parts and take months of planning. We thought we could help ease some of your stress so we put together our Parents Guide to Cooperstown. This covers a wide variety of topics, but some of the most useful are the packing list and other activities.

Since trading pins are such a big part of Cooperstown, we also put together a nice little guide on how to get the most from your trading pins. It goes into some topics about how to get the most from your order, and what makes a highly trade-able pin.

If you think anything is left out of these guides or want further information on anything feel free to drop us a line and we will do our best to find the info you are looking for. Have a great summer and do not forget to... PLAY BALL!

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