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5 Ways to Increase Team Spirit on Your Baseball Team

April 25, 2019

5 Ways to Increase Team Spirit on Your Baseball Team

Little leaguers aren't professionals but sometimes the stress of the games can make it feel like the big leagues. Your players aren't just under the pressure to perform and help their team win, they can also be dealing with unseen pressures from cliques and local bias that divides them before they even step foot on the field.

Keep reading below for 5 ways to play your best team spirit baseball.

1. Get Away from the Field

Whether it's a travel tournament or a simple sleepover, getting your players off the field and into a separate environment is a great way to introduce team building activities for youths.

When players are able to get outside the normal confines and stress of life they feel freer to bond and enjoy longer, uninterrupted time with each other.

Campouts are one simple instance where players can gather, roast marshmallows and sleep in sleeping bags all under the pressure-free mantle of nostalgia and fun. These moments will round out social skills and help give other parts of their personalities time to breathe.

2. Funny Goals and Achievements

Competition is most likely inert in most of your players. However, adding some friendly or silly competitions give everyone a chance to shine in different ways.

Try holding competitions for things like "Dirtiest Uniform" or "Best Base Hit Dance."  Cool or funny prizes go a long way.

Fundraisers also present a common goal for players to strive for. They'll be competing individually but they'll also reap the benefits as a team of hitting their goal. New uniforms or a trip to ride go-karts is something nobody can pass up!

3. Confront Stress Head-On

Waiting on team problems to go away or "blow over" is a dangerous road to take. It can fester and become a larger problem and can harbor resentment.

Have open discussions with your team about lingering issues so that everyone feels like they have a say in the matter. They'll learn that there's no perfect solution but that compromise is the best way forward.

Your players will appreciate and respond to leadership.

4. Be the Example of Team Spirit Baseball

And speaking of leadership, you as the coach are the captain steering the ship. Kids can be told what to do a million times but they ultimately respond to actions. You are the example they should aspire to be like.

If they see you show respect for other teams, they'll do the same. If they see you display grace in defeat and humility in victory, they'll probably be the same way.

Your actions are paramount to setting the tone for the team.

5. It's Fun!

Baseball, first and foremost, is a game.  There isn't a limit on how often you should remind your team that they get to play baseball. They get to make new friends and enjoy being a part of a team.

Your job is to mold an approach to sports that encourages being a better person and enjoying the time on the field. Wins are secondary in little league because these kids are not professionals.

Morale is On-Going

Morale can erode very quickly so it's your job as a coach to keep the energy behind your team. Your players will respond to your enthusiasm and look forward to their time with you and each other.

Keep coming to us with all of your trading pin needs and ideas and let us help you play your best team spirit baseball.