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The Benefits of Playing Youth Baseball

April 1, 2021

The Benefits of Playing Youth Baseball

Playing baseball is beneficial for kids in a variety of ways. Click here to learn all about why your child should participate in youth baseball.

If you have a young child who is starting to express some interest in sports, then you should definitely consider introducing them to youth baseball. Not only is baseball one of the most loved and popular sports in the US, but it also has a huge range of physical and mental benefits for your little one.

So, if you are curious to find out more about why children's baseball is so good for them, then look no further than this article. We'll be covering all bases (no pun intended!) to show you the ten most impressive benefits of playing baseball. 

1. It Gets Your Kid Out of the House and Away From Electronic Devices

If you're looking for a way to cut down on your child's screen time and get them outdoors, then baseball is a great option. This is a sport that's played exclusively outside, so your kid will get both the physical health benefit of exercising as well as the mental boost coming from spending time outdoors.

2. It Improves Hand-Eye Coordination

Looking at the ball, following its trajectory with the eyes, and hitting it with the bat is no easy feat for a young child. With practice and determination, baseball can help kids to enhance their coordination and both fine and gross motor skills.

3. It Teaches Them About the Importance of Teamwork

You must have heard the saying "there's no I in team", and this holds particularly true in a baseball game. This sport can help your child to learn how important it is to build collaborative, effective teamwork, while at the same time offering them a chance to shine as an individual when it's their time to hit, pitch, or run.

4. It Helps Them to Make Friends Outside School

When you're a child, you meet most of your friends at school. It can be difficult for kids to create long-lasting relationships outside this environment, which means that during the summer vacations they can get a bit bored and lonely. Not if they play baseball, though: this is mostly a fair-weather sport, which will keep them engaged and socially active while school is out, and able to meet their new friends.

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5. It Promotes Patience and Focus

Unlike many other popular sports, baseball requires a great deal of patience. Some people may call this a "slow" sport, especially if compared to football, soccer, and basketball. The truth, though, is that it's a very strategic activity that calls for kids to be steady, attentive, and concentrated even when it's not their turn to play.

6. It Gets the Whole Family Involved

Baseball is a highly community-centered sport, one that tends to get the entire family involved. Parents can find plenty of opportunities to participate in their child's baseball career, not just by attending practice and games but also through organizing and volunteering at local events. Everyone from a child's parents to their siblings, aunts, uncles, and grandparents can get involved on many levels, which will help to strengthen the sense of community and participation for the child.

7. It Improves Maths Skills

Would you believe us if we told you that, by playing baseball, your child might refine their math skills? Yes, because the rules of this game are pretty sophisticated and many of them are based on maths and physics, so if a child really wants to succeed they will need to tap into these skills and improve them.

8. It's Diverse and Inclusive

To a greater or lesser degree, most sports require a specific type of build and physical qualities in order to participate and be good at it. This is not the case with baseball, which makes it one of the most diverse and inclusive activities for kids. It doesn't matter if your child is not very tall, or very skinny, or very fast: baseball offers lots of opportunities for kids of all shapes and sizes.

9. It Introduces Kids to the Acceptance of Failure

Playing baseball, especially in the beginning, can be quite difficult, but don't worry: this can actually be a good thing. By getting to grips with complex rules and practicing challenging actions with determination, kids can gradually learn how to accept failure. This, ultimately, will help them to become more resilient and confident and will drive them to get better and better.

10. It Boosts Mood and Mental Health

Last but not least, baseball has been proven to be a great mood booster, and a wonderful tool to enhance your child's mental health. The very fact of spending time outdoors in the sun is a natural source of happiness, and sharing fun moments with their friends can be another way to improve children's mental health and emotional development. Spending a day playing baseball in the sunshine can also aid your child's sleep patterns, helping them to sleep more and better at night.

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These are just some of the many benefits that youth baseball can bring. If you are looking for an activity that can enhance your child's life, then baseball is a great choice.

From improving their focus and math skills to enabling them to make new friends and spend more time outdoors, baseball truly is an all-around fantastic sport for kids.And if your kid gets into baseball, then why not buy them some super-cool baseball trading pins? At Cooperstown, we have a wide selection and can even create custom pins. Come check us out today!

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