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Game Day Must-Haves: Packing the Perfect Baseball Survival Kit For Sports Parents

November 5, 2019

Baseball Survival Kit Packing Tips for Sports Parents

Baseball games bring about a lot of unexpected scenarios. Be prepared for anything with these baseball survival kit packing tips for sports parents.

Being the parent of an athlete of any age means dedicating a lot of time and attention to their sport of choice. Between daily practices and out-of-town games, you're going to need a survival kit.

Learning some simple baseball survival kit packing tips will help keep you as comfortable as possible while preparing you for nearly anything that will happen on and on the field.

Keep reading for an in-depth look at all the things you should include in your baseball survival kit packing checklist.

Baseball Survival Kit Packing

Keep in mind, while the sporting event is all about your kid, it's also important that you, as their parent, aren't miserable. We love watching our kids of all ages compete and perform in the sports they love, but it's not always a ball for us, especially when you bring other kids along to "spectate".

However, with these baseball survival kit packing tips, you can be sure to make the most out of your time, even if you're toting extra little-ones along with you!

Baseball "Bug-Out" Bag

First and foremost, you're going to need a way to carry all of this stuff in and out of the baseball stands conveniently. We recommend a large to extra large backpack or tote.

Make sure this bag is durable and spacious, it would also be nice if it had plenty of compartments and pouches. Alternatively, you can also separate things with ziplock bags or other smaller containers.

First Aid Kit

Next, you never know what's going to happen with you, your athlete, or your other children. For example, "spectating" children often end up running around with other kids to play while the event is going on. While there's nothing wrong with it, it often provides a scenario in which they can scrape their knees, fall, get cut, etc.

You'll need to bring a first aid kit to make sure you're prepared to handle any small medical situations that may arise.

Bug Spray

Bug spray is another essential item on your baseball survival kit packing checklist. The last thing you or your athlete needs is to be swarmed by mosquitos during the entire game.


Additionally, sunburns are a real bummer, especially if there's a subsequent game that day or the next. Make sure you pack sunscreen for your spectating family and your baseball player.

Warm Clothes/Blankets

While there's not much you'll be able to do for your athlete on cold days, you can make sure you and your family spectating the game are warm up in the stands. Everyone should come dressed prepared for the weather, but you can also include extra blankets in your baseball survival bag.

Rain Gear

Rain gear is a must on your baseball survival kit packing checklist. We recommend and umbrella, raincoats or ponchos, and a towel to wipe off wet bleacher seats.

Food and Drinks

When people are bored, they get hungry. While it's not the healthiest habit for our society, it's quite helpful to have snacks and drinks to munch on during baseball games. Make sure you bring plenty for your kiddos tagging along as well.


Next, it may not be appropriate for younger children to be running around instead of sitting with you in the bleachers. It may just be your preference to keep them with you. Regardless, it's a good idea to bring along some form of entertainment to keep them occupied during the game.

Otherwise, they may become winey, antsy, or distracting to you and other parents.


You'll also want to make sure you include sunglasses or other eye protection on your baseball survival kit packing checklist. This could also include hats or visors - anything to keep the sun out of your eyes.

Portable Phone Charger

At the end of the day when most games are, there's a strong likelihood that your phone may be dead. This means you won't be able to take pictures of videos of the game. We recommend bringing a portable phone charger with you to the game.

Cash for Concessions

No parent is perfect. You may forget to pack food or just run out of time to do so. Make sure you bring cash for the concession stands.

You and your family will be happy to have some warm nachos, hot dogs, and soda to get them through the game.


If you're into photography, you likely prefer a real camera to your phone's camera. Newer phone cameras are quite impressive but are somewhat limited.

If you're in this boat, make sure you bring your camera and a backup battery for it.

Stadium Seat Cushions

Another great item to put on your baseball survival kit packing checklist is extra seat cushions for you and your family spectating the game. Most bleachers are simple designs with no backing and metal or wooden benches - not exactly comfortable.

We recommend the cushions that have a seat and a back supported by straps. This will keep you much more comfortable during the game.

Change of Clothes for the Athlete

Depending on your plans for after the game, it may be a good idea to pack an extra set of clothes for your athlete. While there's nothing wrong with going to a restaurant in their sport's uniform, if it was wet, rainy, and muddy on the field, they'll probably be much more comfortable in dry clothes.

Mini Baseball Survival Bag for the Athlete

Finally, you need to think about your athletes and their needs during the game. Giving them their own bag for game days could be a great gift to help them celebrate their upcoming season. It will also give you peace of mind that they'll be taken care of during the game.

Custom Pins to Decorate Your Baseball Survival Bags

Now that your baseball survival kit packing checklist is complete, top it all off with a custom pin to represent your child's team proudly.

Trading pins have become a trending way to interact with other teams, players, and parents. Contact us to get a free trading pin quote to see what we can do for you!

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