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Traveling With the Team: The Ultimate Survival Guide for Parents and Coaches

June 10, 2019

Traveling With the Team: The Ultimate Chaperoning Survival Guide

Are your children part of a traveling baseball or softball team? Maybe it's the end of the school season, and the final games are out of town. Either way, the kids need supervision, and you've been volunteered.

To survive chaperoning a team of kids who have endless energy, you may need a bit of help. We have 5 tips to help you make it through with ease, and possibly become the favorite adult! Keep reading for more information!

Preparation Is Key

Regardless of the age of the children, you plan to chaperone, bumps, bruises, and accidents happen. The best way to keep kids feeling their best is to have simple first aid items handy.

This list may include over-the-counter medication, instant ice packs, bandages of varying sizes, sunscreen, alcohol swabs, and even a pair of tweezers. Consider bringing a power strip or two--everyone will need an outlet to charge their electronics!

Be sure that proper permission is obtained before handing out medication. Many times, permission slips include what medication is acceptable for which child.

Create a Group Text Message

You will find that a group text message for parents is the easiest way to convey meeting points, meal times, and any other pertinent information. when your traveling with the team. Additionally, should there be a minor emergency, all of the important numbers are handy.

It may also be helpful to create a group for both players and parents. This allows everyone to be on the same page and can eliminate the excuse of, 'I didn't know.'

Pump The Team Spirit

A quick way to become the favorite chaperone is to stay enthusiastic about each game. This includes showing great sportsmanship, even after a loss.

Consider making banners for each player's hotel door, passing out goodie bags with nutritious treats, or simply give high fives and hugs after each game.

Showing your team spirit should be contagious. Chants and cheers are always appreciated on the field; a loud fan section may help improve chances of rallying after a less than perfect inning.

Killing Time

If you are out of town for a tournament, there will be time between games. Although you might be ready for a mid-afternoon nap, the chances are slim that players will cooperate.

This means having a few activities planned!

Should you have more than an hour or two, consider checking out a local museum, going to a park, or even allowing players to swim at the hotel. It is also advisable to bring a few decks of cards as well as other favorite games to keep kids and adults entertained.

Chaperoning: Not for the Weak of Heart

When you choose to chaperone a sports team, you are choosing to be a stand-in parent for each child. If the game doesn't turn out in the team's favor, you can expect disappointment and possibly tears.

Chaperoning may place you in uncomfortable positions, like dealing with the drama between players and handling disciplinary issues. Though this role is tough, it is rewarding to build relationships with your child's teammates and coaches! Remember traveling with the team can create great memories for everyone!

When it's all said and done, remember that this isn't the big leagues. Check out this guide on little league baseball & competition for tips on keeping the game fun.

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