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7 Reasons to Never Forget Your Cooperstown Trading Pins

October 25, 2021

Cooperstown trading pins are beautiful mementos and collectibles that you should always keep on you. Learn why that is here!

3 million children play little league baseball in the United States. This is a testament to the staying power of America's pastime. Despite the rampant use of cellphones and the increase in technology, more children are playing baseball than ever before.

Surely as your child grows up in today's world, they're going to want to remember the innocent times they spent on the baseball diamond. But what's the best way to preserve those memories? Other than pictures — which are overdone anyway, what's the best way to make these memories last?

The answer is Cooperstown trading pins.

And why are Cooperstown trading pins so great? Well, you've come to the right place. This article will walk you through seven great reasons you should never forget your Cooperstown trading pins.

1. It Makes the Memory Feel Legitimate

As your child grows older and develops different interests, it can be easy for them to look at their time in little league as a passing fancy. They can look down on their time in the little league the same way they look down on their old toys.

A trading pin can change that.

A quality trading pin will look and feel a lot like the trading pins of real professional baseball teams. This real, tactile sensation can instantly transport them back to the diamond when they had fewer cares and loved baseball.

It may sound sentimental, but we believe getting in touch with your childhood memories can improve your life.

2. It Inspires Pride

No matter your childhood's skill level at baseball or desire to pursue it long-term, a sense of pride is one of the most important parts of sports. A trading pin — especially if it's pinned to their coat — will remind them no matter where they go that they accomplished something, that they were part of a team.

Teamwork matters, and this constant reminder that they're a team player can inspire better life choices as they grow up.

Everybody wants their child to be proud of their achievements — children who are proud of their achievements grow up to be happy and successful. A great way to start this off is to reward them for their successes. Pins are a great way to inspire pride in them without spoiling them.

3. You Can Make a Trading Pin Book

Cooperstown trading pin books are a great way to take the memento of a trading pina and turn it into something truly special. A trading pin book operates as a binder with a sturdy surface inside to stick pins into.

This book can help enhance all of the other items on this list. Your child can collect different pins from the various sports they play and see their progress build up. If you want to inspire pride and confidence, consider a Cooperstown trading pin book.

4. You Can Make a Trading Pin Bag

Cooperstown trading pin books are in many ways just as special as pin trading books. They work similarly, providing a way to keep the pins safe and also track progress.

A trading pin bag is something that your child can take to school and show off, inspiring pride in themselves. This can also inspire pride from their friends in your child's achievement.

We believe that Cooperstown pin trading bags are fun ways for your child to show off their achievements while not getting an ego about them. They don't inspire the obsessive competition of new sneakers and a new phone, but they still allow a layer of pride to seep in.

5. It Can Encourage More Sport Participation

There's no doubt that playing baseball is good for your kid. Not only does it provide great levels of physical exercise, but the team bonding is also wonderful for the development of a mentally strong child.

Buying your child a Cooperstown trading pin can bolster their confidence and make them want to play baseball again next year — not just to collect another pin, but to gain that feeling of confidence again.

There's also the chance that your child had a rough time with baseball the first time around. The pin will show them that their effort was appreciated, and they can keep trying in other sports until they find the right one.

6. You Can Trade Them

While the rest of the items on the list have focused on the fun of having the pins themselves, we haven't discussed the most distinct part of trading pins—the trading itself!

While this article covers pin-trading in more depth, it's important to note just how fun it could be. If your child develops a passion for pin trading, this can foster good habits for the future. They can learn to budget, communicate, and even develop best practices for future collections like collections of books, or movies, from which they can make real money.

Heck, your child could even grow up and keep pin-trading. You may even start pin-trading yourself!

7. They're Nice To Look At

No ulterior motive here — just a simple reminder of the craftsmanship that goes into every pin. Aesthetic beauty is something we're losing as more of more life is becoming digitized.

For rainy days when you're stuck inside, it could be nice to admire your trading pins. You can also put them somewhere in the house, for all of your friends to admire when they come over.

Cooperstown Trading Pins

Little league baseball is one of the best adventures your child can go on. It's a way for them to build character, get exercise, and learn how to work as a team. Immortalize this experience in your child's brain with Cooperstown trading pins.

If you're ready to start preserving memories, get a quote with us today.