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10 Cooperstown Trading Pins Tips for Coaches And Parents

May 30, 2018

If you're a coach of a team going to Cooperstown, or the parent of one of the players, then you may have quite a few questions about Cooperstown trading pins. Learn more with our 10 great tips for coaches and parents to make sure that you make their experience one they'll remember for a lifetime.

Planning on taking your team or child to Cooperstown? Don't go unprepared!

If you want to be at the top of your pin trading game, make sure you plan ahead. Nobody wants to be left without pins!

Why should you prepare ahead of time? Any experience getting Cooperstown trading pins would fun, right?

While you can still have an enjoyable experience if you show up unprepared, you and your team will have a much more memorable time if you have a plan before you go.

You may be asking what you can do to prepare for a big-old meetup of pin traders. Keep reading for ten tips that will ensure a great pin-trading experience at Cooperstown.

1. Have a Great Design

The baseball lovers who come to Cooperstown aren't looking for just any pins. They're looking for great pins, ones that will create awesome memories. Having a great pin design already in place will set you on your way to a great time.

Keep a list of ideas as you brainstorm. Maybe have a few designs.

What pins have excited you in the past? What catches your eye? Better yet, what do your baseball players love when they see a pin?

Asking your team about their favorite pins is a great way to see what catches the eyes of players.

Once you have an idea of what the players really love, create a design that's unique but uses those beloved elements.

2. Stand Out

Your players will want a design that really stands out. This is especially true if they're playing in a tournament.

If you have a mascot, put them front and center. Logos work too. Make sure other teams clearly know who they're playing.

Clearly stating your team mascot or team name will provide an easily-recognizable pin that will quickly bring memories to those who played your team. And you'll have a pin your team members love because it clearly represents them.

A great design sticks in peoples' minds. That's what you're going for. Make something memorable, and well-designed enough that pin-lovers will look at it often because it's one of their favorites.

3. Bring Lots of Pins

Once you've made your stand-out design, make sure you order a lot of pins! In order to gain new pins, your players have to have pins to trade.

Making sure you have enough pins will also eliminate players feeling like they have to trade the ones they love when they run out of those they plan to trade.

You'll also want to make sure you have plenty of pins if you're pretty sure you've created a design that lots of traders are going to want. Make sure you've got enough for everyone!

4. Keep Your Pins With You

Keep your pins with you at all times while you're in Cooperstown! You never know when a trading opportunity will present itself.

Your custom baseball trading pins will be of interest to many players since you're the only team who has them. Increase your team members' chances of trading for other awesome pins by encouraging them to always have their pins with them.

The last thing they'd want is to stumble into a pin they love and not have something with them to trade for it.

5. Don't Skimp on Color

Color is a huge part of great pins. It's what makes them stand out and catch the eyes of traders old and new. When designing your Cooperstown baseball pins, go for colorful.

Traders who've come to Cooperstown will see countless pins during their stay, so you want something that will grab their attention. A bland pin is not the way to go if you want to get some good trades.

Flashy, exciting designs and great combinations of bright colors will attract more attention than designs using more muted colors, such as black and silver.

6. Focus on Your Logo

Make your logo the focus of your pin. This will create a pin your players are proud to flaunt. Your bold logo will also attract attention during trading.

Don't go overboard and make your design obnoxious, but go for fun, interesting, exciting, and unique.

Having a clear logo on your pin helps other teams remember you, and makes the pins easily recognizable.

7. Keep Your Budget in Mind

As you design your pin, you want the best quality you can get. But don't go over your budget.

Great pins are affordable, and you don't need to break the bake to participate in Cooperstown.

And affordable pin means everyone can participate, not only those with more allowance money. Go with a company that offers custom baseball trading pins that are both affordable and well-made.

8. Have Your Pins Delivered

If you're in a hurry, don't fret if you don't have time to order your pins before getting to Cooperstown. Have your pins delivered right to your hotel.

If you're using this ordering option, make sure to tell the company exactly where the pins need to go. You don't want your order mixed up with someone else at Cooperstown.

While this is an option, it's a better idea to have your pins on hand before heading to Cooperstown. Doing so will better prepare you and your child or team members for trading.

9. Give Them Time To Trade

Whether you're there with your team members or child, make sure you give them time to trade. If their time is cut short, their experience will be hampered.

Make sure they have time to create lots of memories. Don't rush them to move on. Pins carry stories, not just images. Letting them do the trading and take their time will give them experiences to reflect on for a lifetime.

10. Consider Display

As you get your pins for your trader, consider how the pins will be displayed. Do they have a trading pin bag? This will protect their pins as well as help with transport.

In your designing, make sure you choose materials that will hold up to wear and tear, especially when going to a big even like Cooperstown.

Cooperstown Trading Pins Your Way

There are countless pins for baseball enthusiasts to trade for, and Cooperstown trading pins stand out. Cooperstown provides a memorable experience for all who participate, especially those who come to trade.

While you may be nervous to take your child or team to Cooperstown you don't need to be. Keeping these tips in mind will set you on track for a great experience that will be memorable for all who come.

Ready to design your own Cooperstown pin? Visit our site for a free quote today.